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Melanie Gettings, PhD
freelance scientific editor

Freelance Copy Editor

As a scientist you are, of necessity, a writer. Working on your manuscripts with a native English and scientific editor can help give more fluidity and hence more impact to your message. This important step can be a “game changer” for a publication or a grant application.


2 editing levels

1. Language editing: As a native English speaker, I check that your manuscript is written in correct scientific English.

2. Developmental editing: I help create the most readable version of your manuscript, focusing on fluidity, concision and clarity to increase the impact of your message. Also, I analyse your figures and suggest potential modifications to make them even clearer.


Delay and Price (tax included)

Manuscript 3500-12000 words*
Price** Minimum delay***
English editing 0,08/word 7 days
Developmental editing 600-850+ €  15 days
Figure legends 50 € + 1 day


* For shorter or longer manuscripts, please contact me for a quote

** Free Cover letter editing. Please note that Figure legend editing is extra and requires an extra day.

+ The price varies depending on the extent of the work.

*** "Emergencies" may occasionally be managed, however, they are not encouraged. Please contact me so that we can discuss these.

For any other demand, likewise, please contact me.


Main Research Themes

  • Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Developmental biology
  • Genetics
  • Biophysics
  • Cancer Biology


Type of manuscripts

  • Article
  • Review
  • Cover letter
  • Rebuttal
  • Grant
  • Thesis...